The drum shade chandelier is a very popular style of modern lighting used today. Other than the beauty this style of chandelier brings to a room, the light it throws off is a unique type of lighting that works great for any room. The illumination it provides is relaxing, calming and very soft, while bright enough to provide enough light for anywhere in the room.

Whether used as a single light or in a group of lights, it can be customized to fit in with any style of decor. There are many different models of this style of chandelier as well as various ways to group the lights in order to beautifully illuminate your home.

One of the most popular style of drum chandelier is the pendant. The pendant style of lighting is a hanging light fixture with an elegant, sophisticated appearance. Everyon10 Top Drum Pendant Lights for Your Home - Home Stratospheree knows that chandeliers work best in dining rooms or entryways. The drum style of chandelier light fits in any room of the home; some have even used them outside on their patio

Drum pendant lights often require several bulbs, offering the same amount of wattage as the typical chandelier. If you’re replacing a chandelier or other fixture, be sure to choose a style that provides the same amount of light as the old fixture (or close to it). The material of the diffuser will also determine how much light you get. Translucent shades of glass or fabric allow plenty of light to shine through, while metal or other opaque shades allow more light through the bottom than through the diffuser.

Planning to use a drum pendant over your table? You’ll need to choose the correct size to avoid a “crowded” look. The most important dimension to look at is diameter. Take the width of your table, and subtract 12″. Choose a fixture that measured as close to this number as possible in diameter, and no larger.

Not all drum pendant lights are created equal! They are a natural fit for contemporary settings due to their simple form, but styles with traditional ornamentation and dark finishes also blend well in classic settings.

The drum shade is quite often made of glass or fabric, each material offers its own style and beauty to the decor. The different colors of the fabric shades affect the mood and brightness of the lights. If customizing the light for each room is what you are going for, then a fabric drum shade chandelier is definitely the one for you. Whether a large or small space, atmosphere, mood, or a light to read by, this unique form of lighting will work while adding beauty to the room.



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