The Radionics Organic Healing Technique – The Radionics-Pratictioner


Some of natural vibratory treatments, that we typically purchase or that our individuals purchase for rates which are generally small cost-effective to the significant mass, usually discourage the holistic approach to the alternative therapies on the other hand and as far as we’re concerned, it is possible (like we’ll see in these lecture notes) to reproduce in a radionic way any kind of treatments, for instance allopathic and organic treatments, psychic phenomenon and/or mental intents which have been expressed according to the operator…and so on….we cannot neglect that radionically generating also an object or a physic remedy like the aspirin, an essence or a thought, it is always a mental issue like the study about waveforms and radiesthesia (look at the initial chapter of the standard course THE RADIONICS) so we can say that, obtaining now the significant benefit to radionically and radiesthesically reproduce the vibration of any our intent, the approaches following described, will give us the wonderful benefit to make any sort of therapy through any type of strategy ON NO ACCOUNT!!!….

Trough radionik , wide and fascinating science of the future, which is the radionic and radiesthesia, anyone approaching the issue, can recognize an own remedy according to the instruction, philosophy and approach of just about every operator (constantly in the therapeutic field and for common and holistic and non holistic wellbeing) for instance a medical professional could build a very good catalyst of antibiotic or other points, a psychiatrist could build Valium, a dentist could make an ant inflammatory, an homoeopathist some ipericum, a psychotherapist or a hypnotherapist some positive messages for the subconscious (in addition to make use of the mental synthesis “radionic graphic n.16 of the fundamental course”), an herbalist some thyme, a flower-therapist some Bach Flowers, a crystal-therapist could create a rose quartz, a cromo-therapist some colours, an astrologer will be able to direct some planetary and of galaxies influences and in order to treat diseases, a Reiki operator or a spiritual healer will be capable to channel respective healing symbols without straight treating the patient and so forth…., in conclusion each and every therapist led by his personal expert knowledge will be capable, thanks to some radionic graphics after mentioned with the present lecture notes, to additional take benefit for the healing of his personal individuals and also thanks to his evolution and knowledge he will be in a position to constantly personalize far more targeted different and fantastic solutions on no account.

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