The Art of Podcasting


Like a lot of things podcasting is a mix of art and technology. That’s one cause the broadcasting discipline that podcasting is one part will be known both while Communications Technology and even Media Arts — simultaneously. On 1 hand there will be definite, determinable solutions. On the other guesses and even judgment calls. In the one aspect technology. On the other the human equation.

So what on earth is the art involving podcasting?

What elements of podcasting qualify because art?

In this kind of article I’ll discover five different factors of podcasting that are more art as compared to science. art legends in history are generally more judgment phone than determination. 5 elements where an individual can be wrong and you could be right — at the identical time.

one Selecting a format for your podcast

There are usually a number various formats that a person can choose for your podcast. To generate concerns worse you can even alter formats for each and every podcasting. Yes, you can ask your current audience what they consider. You can even get smart and ask your non-audience members. But eventually, it comes down to making a decision. To picking the particular format you want top.

2. Determining the length of typically the podcast

Podcasts carry out have a great span. It’s called short. But what this means is anyone’s guess. Several podcasts run your five minutes. Some manage 15 minutes. Many a half hr. Some last intended for an hour. Many go longer. The particular truth is the proper length is whatever makes your target audience happiest. And although you can ask them — along with the people who definitely have left you, the particular ultimate decision is usually going to be yours. And it is running to be human judgements and based in your best figure.

3. Picking topics for your podcasting

Every week you’re proceeding to need in order to pick a topic intended for your podcast. Or even you may will need to pick a theme and a number of related topics. Yes, you can — and really should — ask your customers what topics might interest them. But ultimately you’re planning to have to speculate at what matters they will end up being considering. Guess proper and you’re the hero. Guess wrong and you’re the goat. But both way, it’s going to a new guess.

4. Finding guests to your podcasting

One of the neat things concerning podcasts is that you simply no longer always have to do the work. A single of the most powerful formats is the interview. While you don’t include to write down thier job interview, you will have to choose the design, topic as well as the man or woman you will interview. And picking one that your audience can appreciate can be tricky.

5. Efficiency (Recording your podcast).

A final piece of art in your own podcast (at the very least in this particular list), is definitely your performance alone. The way an individual talk. The terms you use. Typically the attitude you task. Ultimately you need to be trustworthy to yourself due to the fact that is the only thing a person can be particular of.

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