Overview of Epic Soccer Education – Is This the Best Soccer Coaching Program?

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With above ten thousand participants using Epic Soccer Training, from more than 100 countries, it would seem to be a complete and valuable football training program. Nevertheless is it?

Following is a brief format of what this particular soccer program features, and an honest evaluation of the software, its benefits and areas for enhancement.

Just what exactly is Epic Football Training?

It’s a special soccer program developed by Matt Smith, a former Adidas All-American Player.

The program provides for beginners, and also those who else have already perfected basic soccer skills, to help these people become better players. It’s based on individual training, to help soccer players improve their skills automatically, outside the particular typical team surroundings.

Matt Smith made the course based on skills he figured out from some of the best soccer coaches in the world. It helps soccer players to improve their own ball control, dribbling a basketball, passing and taking pictures, as well since boost their overall sports intelligence. It’s reasonable to mention most participants would not have gain access to to this sort of training, plus will learn sports drills they wouldn’t learn anywhere otherwise.

The program content is made up of a PDF FORMAT workbook, and several modules each using a group of videos that will provide an outline regarding each soccer drill down, and practical information on how to perform it. The functional nature of the program make it effortless for players in order to apply the abilities learned in video games.

There exists 4 hours and 40 mins of video information, providing lots of demonstrations on the particular person soccer skills, in addition to a couple of class room lessons to enhance your overall knowledge of the game, and help you play smarter.

Overview of the Main Features

This program comes with some sort of 77-page workbook, which in turn provides the outline of the soccer program, as very well as useful background information about the course as well as how to get typically the most out regarding it
There will be four modules, every single having its own videos to show the various soccer skills. The particular videos provide participants with a step-by-step guide to understanding soccer skills including ball control, dribbling, passing and capturing.
Most videos will be around 5-6 a few minutes each, with the exception of typically the classroom sessions which often are closer to a quarter-hour each.
Generally there are 19 movies in Module A single (The Rock), lasting one hour in addition to three minutes
Modules Two (The Cup), Three (The Factory) and Four (The Vault) have the similar structure to Module One but vary in length (1 hr 19 mins for Module A couple of; 1 hr fifty mins for Module Three; and 26 mins for Module 4)

You will discover additional videos that concentrate in making standard knowledge on precisely how to play soccer, and positional carry out

Plus you can find benefit modules that concentrate in making sports conditioning, as well as the value of nutrition

Benefits associated with Epic Soccer Teaching

By far the particular biggest benefit will be that it offers been designed since a complete sports training system. Every module builds for the one before, to ensure that players develop a new base foundation associated with skills before progressing to heightened skills.

10อันดับนักเตะ happen to be presented within an intensive, clear and concise manner, and it is the ideal program for those wanting to learn how to enjoy soccer the proper way.

The fact novice designed and created by a former professional striker using Matt Smith’s encounter and awards brings to the credibility of the program.

He demonstrates the soccer drills himself, in contrast to other soccer education programs where mentors offer an overview, in addition to leave younger participants which are still studying the moves in order to demonstrate them.

The program also features a 100% money back again guarantee, so will be certainly no risk whatsoever.

Areas for Improvement

The main disadvantage is the movies cannot be downloaded onto your pc, in addition to to watch them online.

The particular program is not really ideal for coaches seeking for a set-and-forget training program regarding their team. That can certainly be taken to supplement staff training, with great success, but that is simply not a replacement unit for team exercise sessions.

In conclusion, Epic Soccer Training is usually the number one particular soccer training software out there.

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