My Initial Tennis Tournament Experience


It was a scorching morning when I woke up at 8a.m. to prepare for my match at 10a.m. That day was the day I was going to play my first tennis match. I was extremely nervous but at the same time confident as I had practiced doubly tough for this pretty day. Soon after consuming some eggs and sausages, I headed off to the Tennis Centre exactly where the matches had been going to be held. At 9:45a.m., I arrived and saw quite a few girls my age. I was trying to guess which one would be my opponent. This made me even much more nervous as some of the girls had been carrying bags which the experts carry and I thought they ought to be quite very good. Lastly, I was told to report to the tournament desk. There, I saw my opponent. She was virtually the exact same height as me. I heaved a sigh of relief as my opponent wasn’t those girls with big bags.

Right after listening to the rules and regulations of the match and collecting the can of balls, we headed to the court 12. I could feel my heart pounding extremely speedy and millions of thoughts flashed by means of my thoughts. Will I win? Will I embarrass myself if that girl is good? We placed our bags on the bench and began warming up. Whilst we had been warming up, I tried to appear for her weakness but she was surprisingly all-rounded. Knowing that she did not actually have a weakness, my self-confidence level started to go down. Even so, seeing how encouraging my loved ones was, I gained back the self-assurance I lost and managed to take the very first four games off her in a breeze. In this tournament, we have been needed to play 9 games. Unfortunately throughout the 5th game, she located out my weakness which was receiving lobbed. Subsequently, she began lobbing me and I kept missing them as I did not know how to retrieve lobs.

I was incredibly upset and irritated but I persevered and tried my very best to get some of the lobs more than the net. I struggled to get most of the balls more than the net but I also nonetheless managed to hit some winners. By then, she was leading 7-four but I wasn’t discouraged and continued to press on. Just before I knew it, she had won the match. I went up to the net to shake her hand and she thanked me for the great game. Seeing how humble she was, I smiled and also thanked her for the game. We then picked up the balls on the court and put them back inside the can. She returned the can to the umpire and submitted the score.

I packed up my bag and went out of the court, anguished. My opponents mum came up to me and said that my strokes had been lovely. Upon hearing that, my face lit up and I thanked her. digital operating model had indeed taken away my sorrow.

From that day onwards, I remembered all the encouraging words that people said to me and whenever I did not play effectively or I feel discouraged, I will try to remember all the encouraging words and I will be motivated when more and will really feel confident once again. it is heartening to hear my dad’s voice. He has normally been encouraging and in no way place any pressure on me to execute. Nonetheless, I felt the experience was mentally tiring and nerve wrecking as a single would really feel alone, attempting to figure my way out of every point. It is a reflection of life in general and I would recommend such an practical experience to every youngster out there.

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