How are roofing tiles produced?


What are roofing tiles ?

Roofing tiles would be the clay tiles that you correct on the roof , in order to defend the roof and create a healthy atmosphere in the house. The roof tiles can allow you to prevent your house from temperature, cool, water, water leakage and other natural calamities. Additionally it helps to give a fantastic beauty to your dwelling aso. Roof tiles have been in use since the history of mankind and specialists appointments it back again to 10,000BC.

A large part of our lives are used inside our properties and it is just smart so that you can get for the most part attention when developing his/her house. The roofing is probably the most integral part and as a result, it is wise to opt for a solution like top quality printed white clay Roofing Tiles.

Rajeel KP, The director of KPG ROOFINGS and an expert in roofing business, states that individuals are now actually choosing the roof tiles because of their houses as opposed to roofing blankets or basic roof.
“The styles in the roofing market had lots of disruption within the past century. However the recent traits and market movements shows us that the roofing methods are once again circling around the roof tiles”, He included through the inauguration ceremony of these 26th exclusive lot at Moddbidri, Mangalore.

Today a lot of you could have wondered, how and where do these tiles result from? We’ve visited the manufacturing model of KPG ROOFINGS at Fujian in china to possess look. To those curious heads, we’ve a story. A story that’s prepared in fireplace and patience.

A journey of a million dreams.

KPG Roofing tiles are produced in bulk at their possess factories in China where they begin their extremely lasting life. At the factory, all the moulds is pushed to their shape with a mould pressing of 100 tons. Each hardwood moves along the conveyor gear by itself extended and perilous journey. It teaches itself to be so hard and hard so that it may endure any of the allows of character and defend your home. Because the moulds move across the conveyor belt, they’re placed in models for similar treatment. All this is performed by devices without the primary treatment by humans. Don’t worry nevertheless every method is cross-checked by lots of factory workers using their keen eyes to ensure that you receive the best. The tiles are batched and ready for the colors that hold your eyes peeled on them.

First, we have an initial color coating to wake up things. It’s completely built certain that the colours are equally spread and search lifelike. Because the tiles move on within their journey, they are examined for quality at numerous intervals. After the first phase of shade covering, the tiles are ready for the ultimate glass finish which provides it the sparkle that just a diamond can challenge. The tiles move forward in their perilous trip to generally meet the parser who varieties out the tiles. Today, they are on the toughest journey of their journey. They march combined with conveyer straps prepared to manage the kiln. The fiery judgment that’ll deem them worthy of your roofs. Following the long march, ultimately, the roofing tiles meet with the fiery burning kiln where they’re heated at 1200oC. After making sure that every hardwood is match for your roof , they shift over the long kiln, slowly setting to be probably the most solid and tough tiles they certainly were generally supposed to be. Now, they have ultimately achieved their best form. They shift along the conveyor straps while they slowly cool off and get ready to be packaged. The workers group every hardwood with utmost treatment in order that they reach your homes from China in one single piece. Now, the tiles are exported from China and reach India, so you can remain safe under a roof you are able to generally trust.

Why Roof tiles are the very best

KPG Roofing offers you the very best in type KPG ROOFING TILES tiles at a really inexpensive price for all classes of society. They produce top quality roofing tiles so that you remain secure and sound, might it be your house, or office, KPG is definitely taking care of you. KPG also provide all the required companies including fitting in addition to different gear or parts that you could require while you buy roofing tiles. What more? Oh you’d to question, did not you? The tiles are available in a big range of colors and patterns so you have a choice. It doesn’t stop here. They also provide free quotations. You can have the organization employee’s visit your domiciles or practices to look at just how much tiles you may need and file a quotation approximating the expense of installing our roofing solution. It does not end here, if you were to think you have obtained more tiles than required, the showrooms also get back the remainder of our tiles at exactly the same cost once we offered them to you. Visit their official website at to obtain additional information

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