Have you ever thought of the value of cake box Singapore packaging? For starters, it makes cake and bread purchase and shipment a whole lot less complicated and easier. Visualize how tough it would be if all you had was aluminium foil or plastic wrap to bring your cake! Cake boxes make acquiring and carrying your cakes and other breads a lot easier and more risk free. With these boxes, you can generally bring cakes and pastries to any occasion or location, and keep them in the best condition.


Types of functional cake boxes


Window patisserie box

A window patisserie box is a box with a lucid plastic ‘window’ atop the lid where one can clearly see what is inside package. These boxes are excellent for cakes that have an unique message or decor on top that you would like to feature. They offer people a mouthwatering sneak peek of the sweet surprise they are about to eat. They supply terrific exposure, presentation and aesthetic effect. And due to the fact that they are available in all shapes and sizes, they can also be used for cookies, cupcakes, muffins, tarts, brownies and other pastries.

Cake Box with Grip

If you make use of any of the boxes discussed above then either you’ll hold the bakery box or will request the plastic bag. Suppose we combine them both and utilize the cake box with the grip. The cake package with the grip makes it very hassle-free for the consumer to bring the Cake or desserts around.

The grip needs to carry the mass of the Cake. It indicates package has good sturdiness. I ‘d suggest using the high-grade Virgin paper or Imported Kraft Paper for the box.


Factors to consider for the choice of packaging materials

Vital variables when choosing packaging materials include:

  • Product form to be stored (fluid, gas, solid).
  • Expected shelf-life of product.
  • Variables affecting item shelf-life (water activity, acidity, pH, macronutrients, oxygen-, light- and temperature- delicate micronutrients, susceptibility to oxidative rancidity).
  • Biological nature of the packaged item. Enzymes and microbes, e.g. yeast and lactic acid bacteria require the greatest degree of defense and seclusion.
  • Reactivity of product (e.g. chemical leaveners, enzymes, redox agents).
  • Possibility to support modified atmospheres.

The quality of the Paper depends upon the GSM, and the burst factor of the Paper as these features are determined by the manufacturer or Supplier depending on the requirement of the box. These features are established based on the dimension of the box, max weight the box will hold, are the box will be stacked over each other. We’ll not discuss these attributes more carefully given that the supplier computes them. It’s recommended to opt for the maker computations and will be best if you can opt for one quality greater as well.

Packaging material in wholesale bakeries

Instantly after baking, bread quality starts to reveal indications of deterioration consisting of loss of taste and wetness, staling and various other undesirable textural modifications in the crust and crumb components. In massive bakeshops, keeping safe supply of raw materials and finished products, requires gripping thousands of pounds of product packaging product annually.



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